/ˈīˌnədē/ noun

1. The state of being united or joined as a whole. In Iyaric, Inity replaces “unity,” demonstrating a general pattern of replacing “you” and similar sounds with “I.”


Hi, I’m Christy.

A social entrepreneur and creative strategist, dedicated to helping you use your talents for positive social change.

I founded Inity in 2011 as the blog “Inity Weekly,” to highlight the link between reggae and conscious culture. The blog eventually explored other genres, creative mediums, and led to opportunities for me to work in the music industry.

Since then, I produced and promoted concerts, worked on festival production teams, collaborated with artists on various projects, and I also co-hosted the Reggae Movement Radio show on KZKO in Denver. From the outside looking in, I was on fire, but eventually I was fed a serious reality check about “the business.” It wasn’t pretty.

Long story short, I took a break from Inity and joined Whole Foods Market’s kickass marketing team and taught digital marketing at Cal State Fullerton. Inity stayed in my heart and mind, but I knew the universe would decide when it was time for me to bring her back, and for good. In the meantime I reviewed my mistakes and victories, and I began to build Inity into what you see today.

My point in sharing this with you? I don’t want you to ever give up on your dreams, and I’m here to help you get closer to them.

Combining my professional chops and education in human rights and communications allows me and Inity’s crew of talented professionals - artists and entrepreneurs themselves - to build a powerful presence for unrelenting clients who celebrate diversity and challenge the status quo.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m stoked that we finally connected.

Love & Inity, Christy Jeziorski


We’ll put our analytic, creative and cultural thinking caps on to identify the strongest course of action to help you build your brand and reach your audience.

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