Personalities to Kick to the Curb Before Starting Your Next Project


I work in the realm of artist development in the sense that I help them build culturally, with the goal of setting a foundation for a lasting career.

So, when I talk to artists seeking advice or who want to hire me, I find that some still have serious groundwork to lay before it would make sense to take on their project. Also, I find collaborations to be more fruitful when certain issues, factors, and people are removed from the picture.

In my opinion, one of the biggest impediments to success is working with someone who isn’t on the same page. With that being said, here’s a list of DON’Ts to consider before you move forward with your campaign or project (this applies to artists and industry peeps like managers and event producers as well):

  1. Don’t work with someone who doesn’t work as hard as you do.

  2. Don’t work with someone who doesn’t respect you.

  3. Don’t work with someone you don’t respect.

  4. Don’t work with someone who isn’t willing to make necessary sacrifices to see a project through.

  5. Don’t work with someone who isn’t in agreement with your vision or values.

  6. Don’t work with someone who has a handful of ongoing projects, none of which have blossomed.

  7. Don’t work with someone who insists on collaborating without a contract.

  8. Don’t work with a-holes.

They’re either in it to win it with you, or they’re not. Who/what would you add to the list?