5 Reasons You Should Listen to the New Congo Sanchez album, “Dealin With This”


1. You can click “play” and let go 

Dealin’ With This must be heard from beginning to end to appreciate the elements of the LP.  It’s mainly a mellow concoction of music and stories that display the different personalities and experiences of Congo Sanchez members, Haile Supreme, Flex Mathews, and Jeff Franca (aka “Congo Sanchez”). You know dudes were in the midst of some deep contemplation while writing lyrics and producing.  

2. It’s relevant

Congo Sanchez uses the power of the platform to educate listeners about social issues such as gentrification, poverty, racism and classicism, and also to promote self-awareness in a way that’s pleasant to the ear. It’s not the new-agey self-awareness kind of ish. Rather, they use beats you’ll want to dance to or go into a trance to to get their points across. They talk about the realities that our generation experiences, which is necessary and also rare to find in today’s music.

3. It’s genre bending

Band namesake, Congo Sanchez displays his knack for banging the drums, and instills the downtempo, electronic vibe reminiscent of his history as the drummer for the international act, Thievery Corporation. Added to this, you have the silky R&B style crooning of the young Haile Supreme, and the clever and conscious rhymes of Flex Mathews.  

4. You should support (good) independent music

It may be hard to admit, but there are independent artists that aren’t quite there as far as sound and lyrics. As a permanent student of this musical movement, I can tell you that drab production quality can be very distracting. However, the D.C. – based Congo Sanchez trio has not only extended beyond their D.C. locale, touring the nation and internationally, but the collective offers top-notch rhythms,  good production, and lyrics that are intelligent and new - not borrowed from popular songs or typical sayings. They’re truly talented independent artists who deserve your attention. 

5. “Out On The Road”

This danceable jam is a favorite for various reasons. Listen closely to the lyrics, and you’ll hear a solemn story of the difficulties of maintaining relationships with those who have transient lifestyles, yet the lyrics are contradicted by an upbeat groove. The guys let you in on actual phone messages they received over time from dissenting love interests, yet can still find a way to end the song with positive feelings and a little laugh.

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