Will You Watch “LOEV”?

“LOEV” is a full-length feature by writer-director, Sudhansu Saria. The film – which will be the first Indian film to be featured at SXSW – takes place in Mumbai and an Indian mountain getaway. We quickly learn that this is a simple love story that focuses on young artist (Sahil), who is joined by a former lover for a road trip-esque weekend, faced with the prospect of whether a romance between the two will continue. Saria’s work displays the complications that any relationship experiences, gay or straight. Homosexuality was not a prominent issue in the film. Rather, the fact that “LOEV” was even made at all is the real story.

With a population of over 1 billion people, India’s gay population is estimated at about 100 million. You’d think that the country would be more receptive to the gay community, however, in 2013, the country reintroduced Article 377, an anti-gay law that forces India’s gay community to live in secret. In India’s deeply conservative society, a film like “LOEV”, which is touring the international film festival circuit, certainly brings the issue to light.

Although the film isn’t an outright narrative about the LGBT struggle, it is a step in the right… or should we say left direction. “LOEV” is a relevant film that, despite one surprising and unnerving twist, effectively shows the human side of a relationship.