The TOP 5 Reasons Why You MUST Watch the “Marley” Movie this 4/20


There was scattered chit chat, mellow music playing low in the background, and two patrons taking turns playing Tetris on the in-house Nintendo system.  This was the scene at the Knitting Factory in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY shortly before the pre-screening of “Marley.”  “No!  No way, bro!  ‘Rainbow Country’ is Marley’s most underrated track… either that or ‘Kaya,’ in my opinion.”  This was the debate between a British fellow and a West African gentleman close to the bar.  Needless to say, “Marley” brought out a tremendously diverse crowd. The Knitting Factory was the perfect setting for the screening; it accommodated a small capacity, had intimate lighting, and there were awesome, positive vibes from the crowd.  Just the type of atmosphere Bob, himself, would have wanted.  Opening this April 20th (4/20—appropriate, right?), “Marley” is a film that chronicles the life and death of reggae icon, Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley.  Most Bob Marley fans know the gist of Marley’s life story, but Kevin Macdonald did a phenomenal job of highlighting aspects of Marley’s life story that you likely do not know.  With that said, here are Inity Weekly’s TOP 5 reasons you MUST watch “Marley” this 4/20…

1.     Amazing Cinematic Quality for a Reggae Film

Film quality is routinely overlooked, but crude quality can be distracting.  As hard as it is to admit, most reggae films, music videos, etc. have pretty drab cinematic quality.  “Marley” is the complete opposite.  This movie has HD/Blu-ray quality and clearly was edited by the best the industry has to offer.

2.     Coverage of Marley’s Early Life

Without giving too much away, the movie covers Marley’s white father and his family in as much detail as possible.  Rarely do we hear about Marley’s father much less Marley’s father’s family.  There are some facts about Marley’s father that may shock you.  What might shock you even more is Marley’s father’s family and their reaction to Bob Marley the reggae artist, turned Rastafarian, turned worldwide superstar.

3.     Sir Coxsone Dodd’s Relationship With Bob Marley and Subsequent Record Label Feud

Most know that Bob Marley started on Sir Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One record label.  However, most of us in the Knitting Lounge audience had NO idea that Dodd treated Marley like his own son.  We ALSO didn’t know that Marley and Dodd had a falling out that led to the pair establishing feuding record labels.  It went so far as Bob Marley and the Wailers practically making a “diss” track for Dodd and his record label associates.

4.     Coverage of Legendary Concerts

It goes without saying that Marley awed fans in concert after concert throughout his career.  BUT who knew that three of his biggest concerts had more political influence across three continents than six Geneva Conventions combined?  Which concerts, you ask?  You will have to see the movie on 4/20 to find out.

5.     Last Days in Bavaria

Marley moved to the mountains of Bavaria, Germany after he found out his cancer spread throughout his body and had become seemingly incurable.  During this time, Marley made a controversial decision about his hair.  If you know anything about Rastafarian culture, you know that dreadlocks are a staple and Rastafarians would never drastically alter them… or would they?

Let’s be honest, though, these five reasons probably will not make or break your decision to go see the “Marley” movie.  The important thing to remember is that there is a reason why millions of people worldwide clung to every word Bob Marley sang during his recording days.  If you or anyone you know is unclear what that reason is, then you MUST see this movie on 4/20.  Likewise, if you are an ENORMOUS Marley fan, then you MUST see this movie because it is your civic duty.  But seriously, from one reggae fan to another, this movie is great and does the reggae legend justice.  Enjoy it and remember, “We told you so.”  Peace and Inity!