Thievery Corporation Vocalist Puma Ptah Releases Solo Project

Puma Ptah

The artist formerly known as Ras Puma, vocalist for electronic troupe Thievery Corporation, officially revealed his new moniker, “Puma Ptah” through his debut solo project “In One Accord” on the D.C.-based Honest Music label. The EP contains five new tracks and two dub remixes that are very socially, politically, and spiritually charged – something that can be a little much for the happy-go-lucky audiophile. However, if you want to stir up some revolutionary vibes, “In One Accord” may speak your language.

You won’t be able to deny the EP’s quality production backed by seasoned musicians.  The tempo throughout the entire EP doesn’t vary drastically, maintaining a mellow yet serious tone. An exceptional track is “Prudence”, a track that sounds more jovial than the lyrics which is a good way to lure people into heavily conscious music. Throughout the album, you’ll hear Puma’s list of gripes about world issues, history’s wrongs, scripture, and misleading propaganda, and the content is definitely for the curious rebel and the intellectual.

As Puma often dives into deep waters with his lyrics, one might wonder what his goal was for this project. A revolution cannot be had without offering solutions amidst all of the sadness, corruption, suffering, and chaos that he sings about, with the exception of the affirmative track “One”. Maybe this album is Puma’s attempt to wake us up, and his next project will have a more uplifting tone and offer options and solutions for the future? Still, the zygote impresses us with wisdom beyond his years, dropping lyrics that will have you Googling to get on his level.