Thievery Corporation Brings the World to the Stage

Thievery Corporation at Red Rocks, August 14, 2011

Thievery Corporation at Red Rocks, August 14, 2011

Eric Hilton and Rob Garza, better known as the core members of Thievery Corporation, make up the dynamic DJ duo from Washington, D.C.  Thievery's unique blend of  trip-hop, Brazilian bossa nova, downtempo chill out vibes, funkadelic grooves, dub and reggae has undoubtedly appealed to an international  crowd.  With songs in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Farsi and Hindi, Thievery remains at the top of the electronic music scene and tours all over the world.  In June 2011, The Corporation released its sixth studio album titled Culture of Fear, which addresses the political environment of the post-9/11 era.  But closely listening fans know that Thievery is no stranger to songs of social injustices and other themes of a political nature, as reflected by the albums Radio Retaliation and The Richest Man in Babylon.

What was particularly exciting about this tour is that the new album proudly introduces Mr. Lif and  Ras Puma to the Thievery clan.  While hip-hop artist, Mr. Lif is featured in title track "Culture of Fear," Ras Puma brings his smooth reggae vocals to the song "Overstand" that leaves you wanting to hear much more.  Ras Puma was also featured on vocals in "Radio Retaliation" and "Amerimacka," which begs the question, where were Sista Pat, Sleepy Wonder and Notch? The 15 member entourage seemed to be traveling light this time around, as Thievery's core reggae singers were found missing on stage. However, Ras Puma undoubtedly merits credit as one of the most exciting additions to Thievery Corporation, seeing as his performances were a highlight of the whole show.  I'm excited to see how he is incorporated into the reggae flavor that makes up one of my favorite aspects of Thievery.

After an electrifying performance from Ghostland Observatory, Thievery graced Red Rocks Amphitheater with some major funk, laid back reggae vibes and classic downtempo soundscapes that had me groovin' in place with a smile on my face.  During the course of the show, the audience enjoyed dream-like performances from the Persian beauty Lou Lou, while Emiliana Torrini's beautiful, calming voice blew me away with personal favorites such as "Lebanese Blonde" and her dub rendition of "Until the Morning."  To close the show, the group energetically performed "Warning Shots," the perfect song to get the crowd dancing and cheering.  All in all, Thievery brings an energy and musicianship that can appeal to virtually anyone.  Whether you like hip-hop, reggae, bossa nova,  electronic or international sounds from all regions of the world, Thievery has it all. - GB

Click on the following link to hear the song "Overstand" from Thievery Corporation's latest album, "Culture of Fear" featuring Ras Puma: Thievery Corporation feat. Ras Puma: Overstand