Reggae Beatles Tribute Band Breathes New Life Into Abbey Road



The Beatles originally released the unforgettable Abbey Road on September 26, 1969.  Forty two years later, a band from Baltimore, Maryland recorded and released its own vision of a remake album entitled Abbey Dub.  The skepticism of die-hard Beatles fans might deem it unfathomable for the average tribute band to imitate,  match, or recreate the genius of the legendary group.  However, Yellow Dubmarine did not learn songs by The Beatles just to imitate them, nor could they be considered the average tribute band in any way.  What is particularly striking about Abbey Dub is that it was carefully crafted to combine reggae music and classic rock-and-roll tracks, a concept that might seem mutually exclusive.

The album opens up with a laid-back, psychedelic, and bass-heavy rendition of "Come Together" leaving listeners wanting to close their eyes and sway to the beat.  As the album flows from track to track, one cannot help but fall in love with the classic sound of the horns featured in the instrumental version of "Something" and "Octopus's Garden."  Minds will undoubtedly be blown by the chill, dub version of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)."  The song features smooth female vocals, chilling harmonies, and flawless rhythm transitions that beautifully demonstrate Yellow Dubmarine's innate understanding of The Beatles and reggae music.  As the album comes to a close, "The End" rocks out with not just impressive guitar solos, but an unbelievable musicianship from the horns section as they seem to mimic difficult guitar breaks with ease.

Ultimately, Yellow Dubmarine captures classic sounds and songs with a pleasantly unique twist.  The album is musically intelligent and filled with creative surprises certain to please Beatles and reggae fans alike.  All the familiar remnants of The Beatles' masterpieces are there, but Yellow Dubmarine transforms the tracks to encompass lively rock steady, dub, bass-heavy and psychedelic elements that take listeners on a musical journey. The album will elicit the desire to dance with your friends, hold your lover closer, and smile with one's eyes closed because this talented band brings both energetic and feel-good vibes. - Gabriela Barbosa


Intrigued by the dub version of Abbey Road? You can find Abbey Dub on iTunes and Amazon.  Be sure to check out whether Yellow Dubmarine will be playing a show near you: